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Glasses for Square Face Female

Glasses for Square Face Female

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If you’re choosing glasses for your square face, here are some helpful tips.

square face female wear round metal glasses

First, confirm that you indeed have a square face. Look in the mirror or take a photo to see if your jawline is abut the same width as your forehead, and if your jawline has an angular shape. If these characteristics match, you likely have a square face.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, we can suggest some styles of glasses that work well for square-faced females.

Here are our top picks:

1. Cat Eye Glasses

Cat-eye frames are an excellent choice. They accentuate your eyes and cheekbones while adding a touch of retro charm. The upward sweep of the frames complements square faces beautifully. Cat-eye glasses soften angular features, creating a balanced and flattering appearance. Their distinctive upward sweep draws attention to the upper part of the face, diverting attention away from the square jawline.



With the list of chores piling up, you don't have time - and also weren't really in the mood in the first place - for a stroll on the red carpet. You're still a...



Tegan, where elegance and intelligence coexist, brings enthusiasm and hope to people. The appearance is brief and clear, and the cat eyes on the iconic leopard ...



While there are many butterfly-style available, one of the most striking examples is arguably the Wachira. The lenses have layered blue and yellow patterned fra...

2. Round Glasses

Round glasses feature curved frames that add softness to your face. These are ideal for square-faced individuals. Choose thin frames to ensure comfort and reduce pressure on your nose bridge.



The Arad is a fashionable choice. They build on the highly-popular wayfarer style and feature large full-rim lenses. The eyeglasses are completely styled with d...



These crystal clear glasses are very fashionable. Has a dazzling translucent effect. This modern frame is hand-crafted from high-quality Italian acetate. It has...



These ultra-stylish frames convey noble demeanor and elegance. The tortoise color plus golden slender temples with metal wires in the middle. Fashionable metal ...

3. Oval Glasses

Similar to round glasses but with shorter lens heights, oval frames complement the natural geometry of a square face. They highlight your facial features and add elegance.



The Phoenix sunglasses embody a captivating full rim oval design, exuding an effortless blend of style and charisma while carrying an unmistakable vintage charm...



Kalynx feature full rim oval lenses and are adorned with beautiful dark brown and honey-colored stripes. They are perfect if you’re looking for contemporary fra...



When you want a pair of frame with character and high fashion, one pair of eyeglasses that you will love is Aston. The frames are of a full rim oval design and ...

4. Metal Glasses

Metal frames offer sleek and minimalist designs with clean lines. The contrast between the angular features of a square face and the smooth lines of metal glasses creates a pleasing balance and softens your overall appearance.



An unforgettable piece of eyewear that distills the hundreds of different takes on the archetypical cat-eye frame to perfect their definitive essentials, bringi...



Why choose rose gold? Rose gold glasses can be said to be the benchmark of fashion. Savannah is a pink metal frame with the shadow of a pilot, with slender temp...



If you want a retro feel, then the round frame is your best choice. The classic round frame is made of matte golden metal material, the temples are the same col...

5. Oversized Glasses

Larger frames draw attention to your eyes, shifting the focus away from the angular jawline and toward your eyes. Oversized glasses make a bold fashion statement and can be an excellent way to express your style and personality.



The Crane style offers the best of both worlds. Not only are these glasses effortlessly cool, but they're also built to last. With robust rounded square frames,...



The square frame has always been the darling of classics and trends, so Bowen came into being. Bowen uses a classic gray square mirror, and some modern upgrades...



If you are hesitant to face color, then choose this fresh pink! Wearing these glasses, you will feel energized and look sparkling. The full-frame is crafted fro...

It's also essential to know which frame styles to avoid if you have a square face shape:

1. Geometric Glasses

Geometric glasses with sharp angles can emphasize the angularity of a square face, making it appear less balanced.

2. Rectangle and Square Glasses

Rectangle and square glasses can be somewhat challenging for females with square face shapes because These frame shapes can further accentuate the existing angular features of a square face, potentially resulting in a less harmonious appearance.

Remember, your eyeglasses should enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

By following these style tips, you can find the perfect pair of glasses that not only correct your vision but also accentuate your unique features. If you find glasses you love at ANRRI, you can use our virtual Try-On tool to see how they look on you and select the lenses as you need.