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Glasses Measurements — A Guide to Easily Measuring Glasses

Glasses Measurements — A Guide to Easily Measuring Glasses

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When shopping for eyeglasses online, you may worry about getting a pair that doesn't fit right. So, understanding the glasses measurement is the key to find a perfect fit for you.

Here are 3 measurements that usually show inside the glasses templates:

1. Lens width:

The lens width refers to the widest part of the lens. It determines the overall width of the frames. If you have a larger head, opt for a wider lens width. Typically, it’s between 45 - 60 mm

2. Bridge width:

The bridge width is the space between the two lenses in the narrowest part. Typically it’s between 15-25mm.

3. Temple length:

This measurement is from the glasses hinge to the temple tip. the temple length guarantees the proper positioning of glasses on your ears. Typically: It’s between 125-150 mm

Here are two more measurements that may help you:

4. Frame width:

The frame width is the overall width of the entire frame in the widest part. it should match your head width. This ensures a balanced look.

5. Frame height:

Frame height is the vertical height of the frame and is measured from the outermost side of the frame. If you need progressive lenses, ensure a least frame height of 30 mm. that accommodates the progressive area. Yet, excessive height might lead to the frames touching your cheeks, causing discomfort.

Measure Your Glasses:

To measure these dimensions, all you need is a ruler. It’s quite easy. If your current glasses have the first 3 measurements inside the temple. You can use this as a reference point to select new glasses that perfectly suit you.

Enhance Comfort with smart choices:

If you’re uncertain about frame size, or you just want a simple solution. look for medium-sized glasses with spring hinges or nylon frames. These glasses will expand when you wear them without pressure.

even if you have a small face because the temple arms of glasses usually curve slightly inwards. so there's a high possibility that these glasses will suit you.

You can select glasses with lightweight materials. ensure a pleasant wearing experience throughout the day. and without the red mark on your nose.

The End:

By understanding these measurements and considering comfort factors. you can confidently purchase glasses online. Remember, the right fit not only complements your appearance but also elevates your daily comfort.