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How to Order Prescription Glasses Online: 5 steps

How to Order Prescription Glasses Online: 5 steps

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Do you have ordered prescription glasses online before? If not, follow me to start, otherwise, you also can learn something here. Ordering glasses online is super easy in these digital ages,

you need your prescription record and pupillary distance. Then you can order glasses online.

there are five steps for your reference:

1. Prepare your prescription

Go to an eyeglasses store to have your eyes checked, they will give you a copy of the prescription.

don’t forget to ask them about your pupillary distance.

sometimes they will not write the pupillary distance on the prescription.

2. Prepare your pupillary distance

If you don’t have pupillary distance on your prescription, you can download our app to measure your pupillary distance.

it’s super easy, to put your face on the camera. Then the screen will display your pupillary distance.

3. Select your favorite online prescription glasses website

If you did not buy at any online eyeglasses store before, then choosing a reliable online store is important.

like Warbyparker or eyebuydirect. or if you have a lower budget, you can go to zenni optical.

also, you can buy from us. we have an easy way to order prescriptions online, with friendly customer service.

4. Select your favorite style

I know it’s hard online to get the right glasses for you, in size, and shape.

but in these digital ages, you can try on glasses online, it's super useful.

and if you wear glasses before, remember to get the previous glasses size, to select the right size for you.

5. Place an order

Then you can place an order. in the different online stores, they will have different ways to process buying. And then wait for the eyeglasses to get to your doorstep

It’s simple in these digital days, if you need any help, please contact we are happy to help you.