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How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

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wondering which glasses styles complement your face shape best?

Here’s a quick tip: Angular faces look great with softer curved frames like round frame or oval frame. while rounded faces are balanced by sharper angular frames like squares, rectangles or geometric frames.

Read on for more details on frame styles flattering for different face shapes. Remember, your face shape may be a blend. So focus on the one aligning closest to your features.

Round Face

  • Face and cheekbone length are similar
  • Forehead, cheeks and jawline curve softly
  • No prominent angles

Flattering Frames:

Rectangular frames - The straight lines add definition and elongate the round shape. Classic thick-rimmed wayfarers are perfect.

Square Frames - the angles sharpen the roundness. with thick rimmed works well.

Oval Face

  • widest part is your forehead

  • face length exceeds cheekbone width

  • chin is rounded

Flattering Frames:

Cat-eye Frames - the angled upper line complements the oval shape. Try a thin metal cat-eye.

Round Frames - The soft circular shape contrasts the oval. Go for oversized round plastic frames.

Square Frames - The angles balance the oval's curves.

Square face

  • Strong, angular jaw

  • Wide forehead and hairline and cheekbones

  • cheekbone width is similar to your forehead width.

Flattering Frames:

Round frame - The soft circular shape adds contrast. Go for rounded metal frames

Oval frame - Similar to a round frame, an oval frame introduces curves while being less likely to touch your cheeks due to its shorter height.

Heart face

  • Wide forehead, narrow jawline

  • Pointed chin

Flattering Frames:

Cat eye frames - The winged shape complements heart proportions. Retro cat-eye frames with subtle points flatter.

Diamond face

  • Narrow forehead and jawline

  • high cheekbones

  • your jawline is narrow.

Flattering Frames:

Round frames - The circular shape complements diamond angles. enhancing your style

Geometric Frames - Crisp geometric frames add balancing structure. Try hexagons or triangles.

The most important guideline is to pick frames you love, don’t limit yourself to shapes suggested for your face! Pick styles that make you feel confident, beautiful and authentically you.