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Blue Light Glasses

If you’re struggling with sleepless nights or experiencing eye fatigue due to screen work, blue light glasses can be a great solution.

Our advanced blue light glasses block a significant amount of blue light without causing a noticeable yellow tint.

Choose your preferred frame and then select the blue light lenses, whether you need a prescription, non-prescription, or reading option.

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Results: 1215







What is Blue Light?

Blue light falls within the high-energy, short wavelength range of the light spectrum. While it’s naturally present in daylight, the screens we use emit a higher amount of blue light compared to natural sources.

The Benefits of Blue Light

Blue light has positive effects when encountered in natural settings, often boosting alertness and confidence. Exposure to natural blue light upon waking up can invigorate your mornings.

The Negative Impact of Blue Light

However, overexposure to blue light, particularly from screens, can lead to sleep disturbances, eye fatigue, and even harm the cornea with prolonged exposure from the screen.

Development of Blue Light Glasses

Given that the average American spends around ten hours on screens, various health issues arise. Blue light glasses were developed to counteract these problems and help mitigate their effects.

Dispelling the Yellow Tint Myth

Traditionally, blue light glasses had yellow-tinted lenses to filter out blue light. Today, we use advanced technology that effectively filters blue light while maintaining a nearly unnoticeable yellow tint. This ensures a clearer view without the discomfort of strong yellow coloring.